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Stone Pads
A stone pad is the quickest, most efficient way to prepare your site for the average shed, horse barn or gazebo. However, this does depend on the size of the structure you are purchasing. For example some town codes may require concrete piers to be placed for larger horse barns or even garages. However this is rarely the case for single wide sheds and garages, shed row horse barns, run in sheds or even double wide garages. This may be as easy as delivering and spreading 4" - 6" of stone or as detailed as having a form built to contain the stone, installing a driveway tarp to minimize vegetation growth with stone installed on top.

Concrete Pads
There are several different types of concrete pads or slabs. The design you choose may depend on what your local code will require.
  •        Floating Slab - The easiest and least expensive, this type of slab is                                           designed for normal residential use and usually consists                                 of 4" of concrete poured on top of a stone base.
  •         Monolithic Slab - This is very similar to a Floating Slab but the                                                     perimeter is poured much thicker, usually 12" - 18"                                             deep extending 16" - 20" into the pad. This adds extra                                         strength to the edges of the pad to minimize chipping                                       or cracking over time.
  •          Frost Wall - This is the best foundation for your garage.  It includes a 
  •                              footer 42"-48" below grade with a cinder block (or pour                                    concrete) wall.  Then the concrete floor is poured inside of                              the wall.   This perimeter wall or 'Frost Wall' ensures that                                your concrete slab will not shift with the frost and may be                                required in some cases depending on building size and                                    town codes. 

  • Concrete Piers
Concrete piers 12" - 16" in diameter are a very popular option for placing horse barns with a fixed overhang, modular horse barns with a center aisle or even garages, sheds or cabins as required by some town building codes. This is as simple as drilling a hole into the ground, usually 42" - 48" deep, installing a Sona tube and filling it with concrete. As easy as this sounds, care must be taken to ensure all piers are in the exact location necessary, perfectly level and straight and all on the same plane.

We are proud to offer many more helpful services such as:

  • Basements
  • Driveway Installations
  • Septic systems
  • Demolition projects
  • and more...
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